The Rejection of Pascal's Wager
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The Rejection of Pascal's Wager
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Book Cover
A Skeptic's Guide to the Bible and the Historical Jesus

Foreword by Gerd Lüdemann
Prologue: The Rejection of Pascal's Wager
Quotations from Primary Sources
Part One: The Bible
Chapter 1The Bible As It Is
Chapter 2Biblical Inerrancy
Chapter 3Myths and Legends
Chapter 4Archaeology
Chapter 5On Authorship
Chapter 6On Canonization and Biblical Manuscripts
Excursus A: Liberals and the Bible
Excursus B: Not All Versions Are Created Equal
Part Two: Jesus
Chapter 7Methodologies, Assumptions and Historical Background
Chapter 8Authorship of the Gospels: External Evidence
Chapter 9Authorship of the Gospels: Internal Evidence
Chapter 10Dating the Gospels
Chapter 11The Nativity
Chapter 12The Ministry
Chapter 13The Teachings and Person of Jesus
Chapter 14From Triumphal Entry to Crucifixion
Chapter 15Burial And Resurrection
Excursus C: Was the Coming of Jesus Foretold in the Old Testament?
Excursus D: Replies to Common Fundamentalist Apologetics

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